Slashing Sunday Penalty Rates

Scrapping Sunday penalty rates in favor of a level weekend price might develop approximately 40,000 works across the country and around 2,800 in South Australia alone, study appointed by Restaurant and Catering Australia has found. The research discovered just over half of business surveyed that were currently closed on Sunday would consider reopening if the weekend price was introduced. Restaurant and Catering Australia introduced its work project in Adelaide today. Chief Executive Officer John Hart stated Adelaide's out of work young people stood to gain from the project. "This sort of very easy reform will resolve the youth joblessness issue [and] Adelaide is a hotbed of young people joblessness," he claimed. "We understand the job production numbers are actual. "We recognize that this adjustment will create an added 4 tasks in a business that's an industry, and two jobs in every business that's a local business.". Mr Hart claimed there were currently 12 different we…
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