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  1. By Katie Jackson - June 23, 2018

    LA Catering Co we thoroughly professional and quality people to deal with. Our party last night was excellent.

    We were really happy with the service and the food on the night.

  2. By Annie Johnson - June 22, 2018

    We got married in March and used LA Catering Co. Our experience was of a professional and caring group of people. We got very high quality food and the service on the night was exceptional.

    Our experience was that their customer service was good at all times. We had prompt and accurate responses to email, phone calls and a detailed and professional quoting and invoicing system.

    They recommended that we use a hire company who were very good, a florist who was amazing and they offered way more than just catering information. We found this to be a real point of difference with LA Catering.

    On the day they arrived with plenty of time to spare, got set up without any fuss, and then made the party run smoothly and without a single hiccup. The bar and waiting staff were of a very high standard and the kitchen staff were clean and organised and amazing to watch.

    We HIGHLY RECOMEND LA Catering for any type of function..

  3. By Foodie - November 30, 2015

    We ordered catering for a VIP work function in October.

    We read previous review and couldn’t believe the price for such reviews! Now we know why it was so cheap!
    We needed the food there by 11am as the event started at 11:30 and….it didn’t arrive till well after 1pm. Needless to say we were on the phone ringing to find out where the food was and were dismissed multiple time by the owner Nick! He was rude and dismissive and really couldn’t care that our catering was well over 2 HOURS LATE!
    After multiple complaints about the food we late returned to the office to find out that we had been CHARGED TWICE! We called immediately and were told it would be resolved.
    After a week with no response we called and emailed to have an update as it can take sometime on credit card refunds. We had no answer. Finally after getting in contact with Nick (the owner, THREE WEEKS LATER) he told us that unfortunately he couldn’t do AMEX refunds and he would have to apply for the ability to do the refund (which he still hadn’t done 3 weeks after the event). We informed him it was a company card and it needed to go back on there…. He told us it would be done…..

    Its now December… 2 months after the VIP Disaster event! We still haven’t received the refund of over $1000. Nick is dodging emails and hardly answers his phone, (when he does we get the response “i will do it this afternoon”).

    If you want poor food, poor service and to be overcharge and then dismissed at every turn then pick this company or the sister company Tart (also run by Nick)! You will be gladly disappointed!

    Clearly the worst Catering in the whole of Adelaide!

  4. By Olivia - November 30, 2015

    The only reason this place gets 1 star, is because its a requirement of this website.

    We had ordered catering for a large client working lunch (about 50 people) back in October. the ordering process was difficult enough with the back and forth involved in arrange such things, but the staff were just plain rude and unhelpful, like they had better things to be doing than their job..
    On the day of the event, the food was one and a half hours (!!!!) late, and after multiple phone calls to Leigh and nick at Little Adelaide catering, I finally got through and all I got was a feeble ‘sorry. traffic was bad and can’t find a parking spot……”
    Not good enough!!
    When the food eventually arrived, the driver just unloaded the order into the room, dumped the crate of soft drinks on the floor and left all the food in its packaging.

    The worst was that the following week, the credit card charge came through, and we noticed we had been double charged. After 2 months countless phone calls to Leigh and Nick, even more emails, and escalation of the issue within our company, we have neither received the reimbursement for the double charge ($1095) or any kind of invoice.

    Nick has exemplified his background in law to NOT give us any information in writing (via email) and has not bothered to contact us at all (except in the initial stage when payment was necessary).


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